How to Block, Mute or Report Twitter Accounts

How to Block, Mute and Report Twitter accounts

Unfortunately there are some people that use Twitter to spam or troll others. It is therefore important to know how to deal with such accounts.

In this video I will show you how to block, mute or report accounts.

Here are the what each term means:

Block – the account blocked will not be able to see your tweets or mention you in their tweets.

Mute – you will stop seeing tweets in your timeline from this account with unfollowing. It is useful when someone is being over zealous in tweeting but you would still like the option of keeping them as a contact and viewing their tweets at your discretion. You can do this easily without un-muting them by visiting their Twitter account page.

Report – as you will see in the video you can report the account to Twitter for them to take action. This is especially useful if someone is being abusive.


September 25, 2016

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