How to Edit Your Twitter Profile

Twitter gives you the opportunity to have a bio or profile about you or your business. It also allows you to have your photo, or if a business perhaps your logo or shop front, in fact anything that will help people to recognise you or your business. For personal accounts or businesses where you are the key person a good photo of you works best.

You are allowed 160 characters to briefly tell those looking at your profile something about yourself and you can include connections to other Twitter accounts or websites. Try to make the number of words that you are allowed really count. My own experience tells me how important it is to get this right and if you use a photo, people will recognise you when they meet. This coupled with good tweets means that they already feel they know you and breaks down the usual barriers between strangers.

I will show you a few tips and tricks in the video below using my personal Twitter account @RolandMillward

To watch in full screen mode when playing click on the symbol in the bottom right corner of the video player.