Presidency by Twitter

President Trump - Twitter


Before the Presidential Election, everyone became aware of the rise of Donald Trump through the way that he used Twitter. Every tweet was scrutinized and shared with the world. Many of the tweets were controversial and many caused offense to people not just in the United States of America but the world. Political experts were saying that should Donald Trump become the 45th President of the USA that he would have to curb his use of Twitter.

What happened?

The fact is that President Trump is still using the power of Twitter to put across his point of view and put down any who oppose it a tiradeĀ of sharp wit. He also changes his mind without admitting he did and his political supporters seem to lap it up. FAKE NEWS he now cries which means that no matter which news agency comments about him and his policies his supporters are told that only the truth comes from President Trump and his Twitter account.

The world watches via Twitter and the story continues

February 18, 2017

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