Twitter Account Management for Car Dealers

Car dealers sell more cars using Twitter

Sell More Cars

Every car dealer would love to sell more cars.

We all know that advertising costs money and of course as long as it works and leaves a profit that is no bad thing. The Times they are a changin’ as Bob Dylan wrote and this is so true now in the way that businesses reach out to customers. Many of those potential customers are using social media dozens of times a day.  This is where they hear the news, keep in touch with friends and yes receive recommendations on where to buy and find things to buy.

It’s a very different world from the classified and newspaper ads of yesteryear.  Twitter has hundreds of millions of daily users, some right outside your showroom now! Twitter can be used to reach out to them and let them know about your cars for sale and better still help to build your reputation so that they will buy from you!

Sales and Reputation (Branding)

Successful car dealers have built a good reputation and it takes time to do that. You are relying on the word of mouth from your customers to others. Twitter allows us to speed up that process. We can get the word out to more people in a shorter time. With the addition of photos and videos can build your reputation (some like to use the term branding) so that potential customers feel that they already know you and trust you.

We can use information from behind the scenes and tell the readers about the people behind the business as well as show photos or videos of cars that you have for sale. We explain exactly what we will need from you in order to achieve good results, so do not worry! As we grow your follower numbers and build engagement your sales will grow.  Does this sound good to you?  Now suppose we tell you that we can do this for just £69 per week? Interested? We are sure that you are!

Take a look at what we call our level 3 Twitter Management package.  This is particular suited to the motor trade and the team here at love cars! This is a great combination.

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