Twitter Account Management for Estate Agents

Twitter Management for Estate Agents

Estate Agents can benefit greatly from Twitter.


Twitter management for estate agents

Twitter can be used to display properties, drive traffic to the agent’s own website or a link to the property displayed on Rightmove,  another property portal, or even to invite people to phone you!

It’s also good for building a reputation as a good selling agent so that those potential vendors will want to sell their property with you.

Roland Millward (  has many years experience working with estate agents and can create a Twitter experience that will build your online presence. With a simple to use

With a simple to use online system (Google Drive), you will be able to store property photos that can be used by Sendatweet to promote on Twitter for your agency. Of course, you might be quite happy to promote properties yourself on Twitter and add the photos directly to your account. That is fine by us! We can still take those tweets and use them across multiple accounts, find you more followers and create tweets that will help you find vendors, the lifeblood of your business.

Successful estate agents have built a good reputation and it takes time to do that. You are relying on the word of mouth from your customers to others. Twitter allows us to speed up that process. We can get the word out to more people in a shorter time. With the addition of photos and videos can build your reputation (some like to use the term branding) so that potential customers feel that they already know you and trust you.

We can use information from behind the scenes and tell the readers about the people behind the business as well as show photos or videos of properties that you have for sale. We explain exactly what we will need from you in order to achieve good results, so do not worry! As we grow your follower numbers and build engagement your sales will grow.  Does this sound good to you?  Now suppose we tell you that we can do this for just £69 per week? Interested? We are sure that you are!

We recommend our Level 3 package which will suit most estate agents using one Twitter account which is just £69 per week. Click here to see of what Level 3 comprises. You can start the process straight away from this page or if you have any questions please use the online enquiry form so that we can discuss your requirements and the best way to use Twitter for your business.

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