Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter Direct Messages

Using Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter allows you to send a private message to an individual or group of up to 50 people. When you use replies your messages are open and therefore a standard reply is not always suitable when you want to share private or sensitive information.

Direct messages can also include photos shared tweets, links, and emojis. The 140 character limit of a tweet does not apply to direct messages and does, in fact, allow 10,000 characters, plenty for any message.

Check your settings

In your Twitter settings under, “Security & ¬†Privacy” (see photo above), there is a choice for you to allow direct messages from anyone other than those that follow you. To send a direct message, a person has to follow you if they are not allowing all direct messages. If you select anyone you might find that you get spammed and if this is the case untick the choice.

If you wish to send a direct message a person who does not follow you and their choice is not to allow direct messages from people they don’t follow, you will have to use Mentions to ask them to follow you if they would like a direct message. Many of the larger businesses allow direct messages as they would rather see complaints in private and give people more space to express themselves with the 10,000 character limit. 140 characters when someone needs to explain a problem, is usually not enough!

Direct Messages certainly are a very useful feature for Twitter whether for business or personal use.

If you have any questions about using Twitter Direct Messages please do ask them in the comments box below.

October 13, 2016

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