Twitter Management for Small Businesses

Every business should be using Twitter!

Every business owner knows that they need to be where their customers are. Millions of people use Twitter every day.  It’s the place to let people know about your business and to build your reputation.  It’s also the place that you can keep in touch with existing customers and as well as find new ones.

but … I don’t have time!

This is the biggest problem that the smaller business faces. TIME

How can you find the time not only to use Twitter but also to learn how to do it well? The honest answer is that you probably won’t. So how can you get good results from Twitter when you can’t find the time to do it yourself.

Here is the solution >>>>

Roland Millward the owner of this website is a Twitter aficionado who will carefully look after your account and tweet on your behalf. Each day your account will be monitored, Tweets sent about your business and other relevant content that will help people notice your business and drive customers to your website, place of business and telephone. All accounts are managed under his stringent control.

Your account can be set up from scratch or an existing account managed on your behalf. Your Twitter account will be grown by developing the account and growing the number of followers organically. We will not buy fake followers or allow such accounts to follow you. The aim is to build a quality following of customers, potential customers, and influencers.

What will it cost?

Far less than you employing someone directly for even a few hours each week!

This is because we manage a number of small businesses Twitter accounts and quite frankly it’s just as productive  to manage multiple accounts as one at a time.  Each account that we manage is carefully monitored 7 days a week. We tweet every day, looks for suitable retweets and retweet your tweets through a network of quality Twitter accounts. We also search for content as mentioned above and once again whilst searching we can find something that might suit one of our clients but not another so rather than wasting time much of the material can be usable somewhere as relevant content.

The Small Business Package – Level 1

Our Twitter management service is suitable for small businesses for example:

Tradesmen – builders, plumbers, electricians
Shops – fashion, groceries, butchers, bakers, gift stores and more!
Restaurants, cafes, and pubs,  accountants, solicitors, dentists and other professions

*This is what you get:

Daily Tweets for your business
Re-tweets of some of your tweets via other accounts owned and managed by us
Tweets retweeted from other outside accounts that will be of interest to your followers
Relevant content tweeted from your account e.g. news items, product information all in keeping with your business
Replies and Direct Messages that need your attention will be emailed to you / delegated person

This will typically** result in  around 200 tweets a month from your account!

So the cost is >>> All of this can be yours for just £27 per week!***

You may want even more benefits now or to upgrade in the future to our Level 2 or Level 3 package

Check out our 3 Levels of service here

*If you are not familiar with the terminology used on Twitter here are some terms that it will be useful for you to know. Click Here.

** An exact number of tweets is not guaranteed as the total number will depend on the amount of relevant quality content that will be available to any particular business in any given month

*** For smaller businesses that are not typical of the usual small business and that require more attention the fee will be higher.

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