Twitter Terminolgy

Twitter Terminology

Tweet: a message broadcast on Twitter with 140 characters allowed.

Re-tweet (RT): a tweet that is shared by another user using the retweet facility.

Direct Message (DM): a private message from one user sent to another with Twitter.

Bio: the description that a user gives of themselves and can also include a website link.

Like: users can indicate that they like a tweet that they have seen.

Impressions: the number of times a tweet has been seen.

Followers: those that decide to follow your account

Following: those that you follow

Moments: these are tweets that Twitter shares to users in a special section

Search: the ability to search Twitter for information. Twitter has an advanced facility built in for highly targeted searches. This is often a feature that many business owners overlook.

Hashtag #: a tweet proceeded by a hashtag makes the word searchable e.g #olympics2016

Trends: this shows the hashtags and terms that are currently being used a lot.

Notifications: a section that shows who has liked, retweeted, followed you or added you to a list

List: a list of Twitter users that you can create and either keep private or share with the public. You will be notified when someone adds you to a public list. Users can follow lists and are useful for grouping together tweeters on particular subjects, geographic location, business types etc.

Block: you can block an account from viewing your tweets. You won’t see their tweets in your timeline.

Mute: you can silence tweets from an account that you don’t wish to see without blocking them.

Twitter Poll: a simple poll using a Tweet and asking readers to vote.

Analytics: Twitter measures how you use your account and these can be used for marketing purposes

Twitter Ads: Tweets that are paid for and Twitter promotes