Why Retweet?

Why should you retweet

Why Should you Retweet?

Twitter contains a vast amount of information. Some of it is very good. It can be information that is highly important such as for public safety, it could possibly be about bad weather that has arrived and roads are closed and so on. Other information may be to advise or help and your followers will benefit from this too.

There are also some tweets that are just very humorous and you might well feel inclined to share these with your followers.

A word of warning

I have seen Twitter accounts that do virtually nothing but retweet. This is a lazy way to send out content, even if the content is good. It’s definitely fair to say that retweets should not outnumber your own tweets. I will not attempt to create any sort of ratio of tweets to retweets here but do remember why people follow you and you should assume they do so because they are interested in what you have to say.

Therefore retweet what you genuinely believe will be of benefit to your audience. If your audience is mainly based in one country they will not be too impressed in seeing traffic reports or weather forecasts for another one.

The Benefits of retweets

There is a two-fold benefit to using the retweet function within Twitter in the right way.

Firstly, your audience will have some additional content that interests them that they might otherwise not have seen.

Secondly, and this too is very important. The account that you retweet will also be pleased that you have taken the time to share their content. This particularly applies to non-corporate accounts such as the small business or maybe the individual who is trying to make a positive contribution to Twitter. As a result of such retweets, you can build your Twitter relationship with them and may find that more of your own tweets get retweeted as a result.

Retweet with or without a quote?

Twitter gives you the option to either simply retweet the tweet as it stands, to edit it first or to quote it and add your words above it as in the photo example above.

A simple retweet is straightforward. However, if you’re going to edit you must not change the meaning of the tweet. If the tweet is short and leaves enough room you might add a comment separated by a slash to show it’s your words. For example “What a terrible result for Manchester United” / I agree!

For tweets that use a lot of characters leaving little or no room to edit it is best to quote and retweet. This function was not available until more recent times and I would not be surprised if the edit and retweet function does not disappear in the future.

If you see regular content coming from certain accounts that are worthwhile retweeting it would be prudent to add these to a Twitter list. To learn how to do this click here and watch the video.

If you have any questions or comments about retweeting please use the box below. It will be good to hear from you.

October 4, 2016

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